CleanStrip Series Harvester

The CleanStrip harvests only the cannabinoid-rich flowers and sugar leaves. Stalks are left in the field. The CleanStrip is the most efficient way to harvest cannabinoid content and reduces post-harvest processing, drying, and storage space.


  • No need for shucking of plants
  • Protects cannabinoid content and quality
  • Increases harvesting and drying speed
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Reduces drying volume, space, and energy requirements
  • Reduces waste mass going into extraction
  • Increases farm efficiency
  • Decreases cost per acre
  • Compatible with ejection boom or the GrassHopper collection system
  • Compatible with second cutter for one-pass harvesting of flowers and cutting of stalks
  • Quick-Change style mounting for removal and transport
CleanStrip Harvester


  • 4 pairs of SCV ports without loader
  • 5 pairs of SCV ports with loader
  • 35 GPM and 2,000 PSI hydraulic capacity

CleanStrip Budgetary Pricing and Specifications

CleanStrip ModelBudgetary Pricing (Starting at) [USD]Cut WidthMax Harvest Rate [acres/hr]Min. Tractor SizeSpare Parts Kit [USD]
12Not Available12ft
4.88 m

GrassHopper Budgetary Pricing (Optional)

ModelBudgetary Price
(Starting at) [USD]
20 Cubic MeterCall for Pricing
20 Cubic Meter with On-Board HydraulicsCall for Pricing


  • Designed for row spacing of 24 inches or smaller, and plant spacing of less than 18 inches.
  • Harvester abilities outside of the design scope are not guaranteed and are at the buyer’s risk.
  • The CleanStrip header was developed in partnership with Shelbourne
  • Reynolds, and has been designed specifically for the use of hemp harvesting. Other Shelbourne Reynolds harvesters not designed for hemp may result in damage to the harvester or crop.
  • Harvest speed is based on a 1 to 4 MPH harvest rate. Field and crop conditions will limit speed.
  • The equipment described here (Clean Strip, Grasshopper, vacuum system) is specifically designed and built by Formation Agriculture in partnership with others. All units are Patent Pending. No portion of the design, features, specifications, images, or logos may be used without Formation Agriculture’s specific written consent.