Material Cleaning and Processing

Formation Ag offers equipment for processing and prepping material prior to extraction. Remove waste material, process into a product, or clean harvested material quickly and easily!

The New FiberTrack 660

The 2020  model of the FiberTrack 660 has been released with design improvements which include improved drive mechanisms, better controls, increased performance, improved safety features, and better aesthetics. With a single unit capacity of up to one ton per hour, and parallel operation for higher facility capacity, the FiberTrack 660 is designed to grow with the hemp fiber industry.

Engineering the Future of Hemp

Engineered mechanized solutions for the industrial hemp industry are here. Our machinery increases production, increases efficiency, and helps make hemp a viable and economical crop for the US. We are dedicated to helping meet the needs of the hemp industry by building customized solutions for farming, harvesting and processing this amazing plant.

Equipment Built for Hemp

Formation Ag engineers and fabricates equipment solutions for harvesting, processing, and decortication. We work with our farmers to develop cost-effective and cutting-edge technology to make crops such as hemp possible at an industrial scale. Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Process more with equipment from Formation Ag!

In addition to Formation Ag engineered equipment, Formation Ag is a distributor of:

Shelbourne Reynolds
Trinity Trailers

Mechanizing Hemp Processes

Formation Ag is continuously developing products for industrial hemp. More information about some of our most popular product lines can be found below. We also offer custom built products. If you have an idea for equipment and would like to see it be made, contact us to get started!

Formation Ag CleanCut Harvester

CBD Focused Hemp Harvesting

Industrial hemp for CBD requires a gentle approach to prevent loss or degradation of oils. Formation Ag’s CBD Harvester uses oversized draper belts and reel to prevent wrapping while collecting the most material possible. 

FiberTrack 660 Hemp Decorticator


Formation Ag’s FiberTrack Genesis and Fiber Track 660 decorticators separate the hurd from the fiber. They accept whole and unsorted stalks, including baled material.

Each decorticator is modular for processing customization and capacity.

GCS Grain Cleaning and Scalpers

Product Cleaning

Harvested biomass is worth more after cleaning processes to remove seed and stalk. Formation Ag offers multiple options for cleaning material for a higher return on product.

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Myth #9: “If I grow it someone will buy it.”

From 2018 to 2019, the number of acres of hemp grown in the U.S. quadrupled. Supply and demand kicked in, and an oversupply of CBD harvested material pushed prices down. Some regions of Colorado saw prices drop as much as 60% between the 2018 and 2019 growing seasons.

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