Super CleanCut

Harvest row crops and collect lower branches while leaving more stem in the field


New for 2020!

The Super CleanCut is a new draper-style header designed to harvest the whole hemp plant. Cooperatively designed by Formation Ag and Bish Enterprises, the two biggest names in purpose-built hemp harvesters, the Super CleanCut increases yeilds and efficiency by picking up the crop, and leaving a larger percentage portion of the stalk in the field.

Our proprietary cutting and feeding mechanism reduces wrapping issues that most non-hemp-specific headers encounter. The poly snouts help lift lower branches to increase yield while reducing the amount of harvested stalk material. Aggressive cutting technology enables mechanical harvesting of thicker stalks.

  • Propriety cutting and feeding mechanism reduces or eliminates the wrapping issues that many headers encounter
  • Snoots lift branches to increase yield while leaving stalk
  • Easy to change sickle-section design allows you to swap cut to use a more aggressive section for hemp, allowing you to get more life out of your knife components
  • Backscreen reduces material loss, increasing bushel/acre yields
  • Custom row-spacing available from 20” to 60” or wider

Hydraulically controlled row unit chains

  • Hydraulically controlled, self-tensioning row unit chains
  • In-cab speed control
  • Well suited for “green stem” and heavier moisture conditions
  • Reduces stalk intake by 20% over conventional swather style draper heads by operating 9 off the ground and using snouts to life lower branches
  • Elevated side discharge available





Draper belt with side or elevated discharge

  • Choose to side discharge or elevate using an unloading conveyor

Low profile

  • 9” minimum cut height lifts branches to preserve yield while leaving stalk
  • Pick up the crop- leave the stalk!

The Super CleanCut can also be adapted to fit the 2019 model of Formation Ag’s CleanCut Harvester!

*Clean stripping requires brush add-on, and has not been tested on all varieties. 100% stripping cannot be guaranteed.

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