CleanStrip Harvester

Harvest buds and leave the stalks in the field


No Hand Shucking

The CleanStrip is the solution to efficient harvesting and production of cannabinoid hemp crops. Harvesting up to 10 acres per hour while simultaneously shucking plants in the field – reducing hand labor harvesting and shucking costs by up to 90%! Leaving behind stalks and waste material reduces material entering drying processes by up to 80%. Formation Ag is working with farmers in Colorado to reduce the cost of growing hemp for cannabinoid production to less than $2,000 per acre!

Dual and Tri-Crop Compatible

When used for dual and tri crop hemp crops, the CleanStrip is able to harvest and collect buds and flowers for cannabinoid extraction, seeds or grain, and cut fiber for in-field retting in a single pass. Control the length of fibers with the flexibility to add a second or third header for cutting stalks.

GrassHopper Addition

The standard configuration of the CleanStrip has a right-hand side discharge conveyor for continuous unloading into a truck or tractor driving alongside the harvester. Achieve higher quality collection and containment of harvested material using Formation Ag’s GrassHopper Harvest Collection Cart. The vacuum collection dump cart further increases harvest efficiency by reducing losses from dust and wind. Pulled by the harvesting tractor, it can hold up to 20 cubic meters of material. Unloading into trucks or trailers field-side is made easy with a 2 minute left hand side dump time.


Tractor Compatibility

Mounting is configured to the front three point hitch or the loader arms (recommended) of existing tractors greater than 175 HP. Formation Ag builds mounting adapters for most connections allowing farmers to use the header on tractors they already own, or tractors they plan to purchase. Attaching to tractors with different mounting can be achieved by changing brackets on the header.

Built for and Industrial Scales

Formation Ag designed the CleanStrip for large scale growing. It works best in crops that are grown to canopy (row spacing of less than 28 inches, and plant spacing less than 18 inches).  Efficiency is decreased on larger row spacing. For clone planted fields, and field with wider row spacing, please see the CleanCut or Super CleanCut Harvesters.

Harvesting head designed in partnership with Shelbourne Reynolds

Features of the CleanStrip Harvester

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We used Formation Ag’s stripper harvester head for the 2019 season. It worked fantastic. It strips and bucks the hemp right in the field! We have not seen anything else out there that comes even close. And the customer support from Formation Ag is superb!

We highly recommend Formation Ag and their stripper harvester head.

Doug Brenton

Operations, Raineer Harvesting

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