FiberTrack 660 Decortication

Modular hemp decortication at up to one ton per hour backed with consistency, reliability, and experience

Highest Quality Output

The FiberTrack 660 is backed with engineered design and tested runtime to produce the highest quality hurd in the industry

Auxiliary Cleaning and Refinement

The FiberTrack 660 allows for the addition of auxillary cleaning, collection, bagging, and bailing at cost friendly pricing

Hemp Decortication at the Lowest Cost Per Ton Per Hour

Designed and built completely in the U.S., the FiberTrack 660 is the most efficient decortication machine available for businesses of many different sizes. The system can be set up as a stand-alone unit for initial testing and specifications for buyers, or set up as a completely automated system.

Reach More Markets

Auxilliary equipment allows for additional processing, refinement, bagging, and bailing of material with outputs that include:

  • Up to 95%+ clean fiber
  • Up to 98%+ clean hurd
  • Dust collection down to 1 micron
  • Long Strand Fiber
  • Sized Hurd to within 1/8 inch

Future Expansion and Capacity

The modular design allows for expansion to the FiberTrack 660 system. Run units in parallel for higher capacity while combining outputs for secondary processing, or scale up at a later time.

All FiberTrack 660 equipment is built to spec allowing for compatibility with future Formation Ag fiber and hurd cleaning technology. Upgrade auxillary systems and components without having to upgrade an entire system.

Dual and Tri-Crop Compatibility

Maximize the potential of hemp crops with the ability to process dual or tri-purpose hemp crops by combining other Formation Ag systems. Shuck flowers and harvest fiber in a single pass with the CleanStrip and GrassHopper system, remove seeds from flowers using the FlowerTrack system, and process fiber using the FiberTrack 660. Minimize losses of seed and CBD and increase the efficiency of farming and processing based on Formation Ag’s long-standing experience with hemp equipment.

The FiberTrack 660 In Action

FiberTrack 660 Output Sample Gallery

Modular Decortication

Built as a modular unit, the FiberTrack 660 allows the addition of the equipment you need to hit the material specs you want. Acheive customized processing at a lower cost per ton per hour investment with the ability to scale capacity or refine processed material at any time!

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Finally a U.S. made decorticator thats effective and efficient.
A decorticator that the farmers can afford and make a larger percentage on all the hard work they put into growing!!

David Camby

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