Fiber Track 660


Trailer mounted mobile hemp decorticator capable of one to two tons per hour. Start separating hemp fiber from hurd on location at an affordable price.

The Fiber Track 660 Small 6 roller portable unit capable of decorticating 1 to 2 tons of material per hour. Material feed and removal of product is done by hand. 

Standard width is 60 inches to allow two workers to feed material simultaneously. Custom widths are available if wider or narrower machines are desired.

The 660 is designed for straight feed stalks but is capable of handling un-oriented fiber. 

Rollers are easy to access for removing jams and for cleaning rollers using the included jack system. Roller set separate for easy access inside the rollers. Additional guards can be removed without tools for access to gears, chains, and drives.

Actual processing speed is dependent on material, genetics, and organization of the operational area organization.

  • 6 Roller Sets
    • Individually speed controlled sets
    • Customizable tooth options
  • Bumper-pull trailer mounted
    • Fiber Track 660
    • Electrical Control Cabinet
    • Generator
  • Width Options
    • 60 Inch Standard
    • Customer Defined Width
  • Manual feed and product removal
  • Process 1 to 2 tons per hour
  • Easy clean or jam removal

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