The GrassHopper

The oversized chaff collection cart is designed specifically for hemp. Pull behind a combine to collect additional flower material that would normally be lost during combine harvesting. Quickly unload material directly into a truck or fieldside central location.

The Grasshopper is designed to collect additional material that would be lost during harvest using a combine.

Specifically designed for hemp, the Grasshopper collects additional leaf and plant material that can be used for animal feed in addition to grain. It can also be used with other crops for additional animal feed collection, weed control, or removal of additional plant material from the field.

A large capacity reduces the frequency of unloading, and over-sized belts prevent wrapping of fibrous material. The live bottom floor prevents piling up of material in a single location and provides access to the cart’s full capacity when loading.

Unloading the cart can be done directly into a truck waiting field-side, or onto the ground in a central location for later transport, drying, or destruction.


  • Large capacity
  • Live bottom floor
  • Over-sized belting to prevent wrapping
  • Four cameras to view operation from inside combine cab during operation
  • In-Cab controls
  • Stand-alone hydraulic system
  • Pull-able behind most combine makes and models

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