Pre-Extraction, Dry Material Separation System
Quickly separate biomass from fiber and hurd from baled material quickly.

Formation Ag’s FlowerTrack Flower and Stem separator is designed for use with whole plant or baled material.

A bale buster is used to agitate the material which then passes through the FlowerTrack where flower material falls through the system for collection into super sacks. Stem and fiber come out in a separate stream. 

A dust collection unit collects the CBD heavy keif that is created during the process to keep any cannabinoid rich material from being lost through the process. Special filters are used for filtration to reduce clogging from sticky flower material.

The system mechanically takes the place of manually stripping material, or slowly feeding stalks through small holes to remove buds and flowers from the stem. Flower collection runs from 1000 to 3000 pounds per hour depending on variety, flower quantity in the plants, and setup of the processing location. The collected material is concentrated through the process for higher percentages of cannabinoids material for extraction.

  • Bale Buster, Formation Ag’s separator unit, and dust collection system
  • Runs off of a tractor’s hydraulic and drive system for on-farm processing
  • Able to process square and round bales as well as whole plants fed in large quantities.
  • Adjustable for fine-tuning processing speed and separation
  • Configurable for your processing space and workflow
  • Customizable screening sizes

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