Fiber Track Genesis

High Capacity Decorticator

Trailer mounted, large capacity mobile hemp decorticator. Start separating hemp fiber from hurd on location!

The FiberTrack Genesis is under development. To be added to our email list for information and product release, please fill out the form on this page.

The Fiber Track Genesis is the largest portable unit capable of decorticating around 5 tons of material per hour. Material feed and removal of product is automatic through a bale accumulator. 

The Genesis is designed for un-oriented, baled material. The accumulator can hold round bales at an O.D. of 65″. The unit unravels the bales and feeds it through the decorticator.

This unit is still in the R&D testing process. For information on this unit’s current capabilities and specifications, please contact us using the form below.

Actual processing speed is dependent on material, genetics, and organization of the operational area organization.

  • 20 Roller Sets
    • Individually speed controlled sets
    • Customizable tooth options
  • Semi-Trailer Mounted
    • Fiber Track Genesis
    • Bale Accumulator
    • Roller Breaker and Separation Units
  • Automatic Feed
    • Up to 6, 4’x4′ square bales
    • Up to 8, 65″ O.D. Round Bales
  • Process around 5 tons per hour

Request more information on Formation Ag’s decorticators and the future release of the Genesis

If you are interested in the currently available model of the FiberTrack, visit the page for the FiberTrack 660