GCS Grain Cleaning

Remove debris, Aflatoxin, Vomitoxin, and Fusarium from seed and grain.



Grain and Seed Cleaning

Formation Ag is a distributor for GCS Grain, Seed, and Screen Cleaners. Thier robust and well made design is great for a variety of crops in which better cleaning is desired. GCS equipment is known for helping farmers to remove vomatoxin from thier harvest, remove noxious weeds from seeds before re-planting, or for creating a high quality product for thier customers.

Great for Hemp

Formation Ag has tested and used GCS grain cleaners and GCS screen cleaners for a variety of hemp applications.

  • Separate Seed from Polinated Material
  • Remove Noxious Weeds and Seed
  • Remove Dirt and Debris
  • Remove Non-Viable Seeds
  • Separate Hurd from Harvested Material
  • Prepare Material for Extraction

Cost Effective Options

GCS cleaning equipment is available in several sizes making them great for both large and small farms. Equipment is affordable for use in many applications and easily add value to your product.  Increase the value of hemp products by providing high quality, clean material or seed for consumption, extraction, or planting to every customer.

Tested in Hemp

Formation Ag has completed thier own testing of GCS equipment in hemp applications and is impressed with the consistancy and cleanliness of the end product. Formation Ag recommends and supplies GCS equipment as additional processes with other Formation Ag designed systems. For more information, or to build a custom system for your business, contact us using the form beleow, or call at 719.849.6633!


GCS Grain Cleaners and Screen Cleaners are capable of cleaning seed at rates between 200 and 2,200 bushels per hour.

The easy to use design uses air or screens to gently remove debris and sort seed without compromising the seed or grain itself. The simplicity of the equipment makes for easy cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

GCS Grain Cleaners are UL, CUL, CSA certified.


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