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Formation Ag’s target customers are larger scale hemp farmers and processors who are looking for a way to either harvest multiple acres of cannabinoids (CBD) or industrial hemp, or are looking for large scale processing, including high volume decortication.

Available Equipment and Information

Decortication Equipment

FiberTrack 660 System

FiberTrack 660 Decortication Line

The FiberTrack 660 is a six-roll mechanical decortication machine. It is offered as a stand-alone hand fed unit, or is combined with additional, post decortication modules, offered by Formation Ag.


FiberTrack 118 Decortication Line

The FiberTrack 118 is a single roll, hand-fed, mobile decorticator for small scale projects and university research.

Harvesting Equipment

CleanStrip Harvester

CleanStrip Bud Stripping Harvester

The CleanStrip harvests only the cannabinoid-rich flowers and sugar leaves. Stalks are left in the field. The CleanStrip is the most efficient way to harvest cannabinoid content and reduces post-harvest processing, drying, and storage space.

CleanCut CBD Harvester

CleanCut Whole Plant Harveser

The CleanCut harvester is suited for harvesting whole plants in most growing styles. Plants are cut at a minimum of 8 inches above the ground and gently placed onto a draper conveyor. They are conveyed to the side for windrowing, or onto an ejection boom for easy loading into a truck or trailer.

Super CleanCut Header

SuperCleanCut Row Harvester

The SuperCleanCut is a cross between Bish Enterprise SuperCrop LP and the Formation Ag CleanCut. It is designed for harvesting row planted crops – placing plants onto a draper and conveying to the side for windrowing, or onto a boom for loading into a trailer.


GrassHopper Chaff Collection

The GrassHopper collects flower and chaff material for better control of harvested product. It is compatible with most combines or with the CleanStrip harvester. It is suited for efficient collection and better dust control when collecting flowers or chaff material.

Processing Equipment

FlowerTrack Flower and Stem Separation

FlowerTrack Flower and Stem Separation

Collects cannabinoid rich material while removing the stalk for more efficient processing and extraction of oil by removing stalk and fiber from plant material after harvest and drying.

GCS Grain Cleaning and Scalpers

Grain and Seed Cleaning

Formation Ag works with GCS built equipment for hemp applications. Testing conducted by Formation Ag has shown exceptional results at high capacities for removing undesired products or sorting material.

Cultivation Equipment

Garford Hoodes Sprayer Application

Garford Cultivation

Formation Ag is a proud distributor of Garford weeding equipment. With precision engineered solutions, Garford weeders can be applied to a wide range of agricultural crops, and increase the efficiency of a farm.