The SuperCleanCut is a cross between Bish Enterprise SuperCrop LP and the Formation Ag CleanCut. It is designed for harvesting row planted crops – placing plants onto a draper and conveying to the side for windrowing, or onto a boom for loading into a trailer.


  • Low Profile 9 inch cut height
  • Lifts branches prior to cutting to reduce the mount of stalk harvested
  • In-Cab and Individual Component Speed Control
  • Excellent for “green stem” and heavy plant moisture content
  • Reduces stalk intake by up to 30% compared to conventional draper, cutterbar, and forage harvesters.
  • Reinforced row dividers for durability in taller crops
SuperCleanCut Partial Stripping
SuperCleanCut Header
Super CleanCut Header

SuperCleanCut Budgetary Pricing

ModelNumber of RowsBudgetary Price
(Starting at) [USD]
RU852 or 4$84,275
RU153 or 6$107,872