FlowerTrack Flower and Stem Separation

Collects cannabinoid rich material while removing the stalk for more efficient processing and extraction of oil by removing stalk and fiber from plant material after harvest and drying.


  • Compatible with pre-dried baled, chopped, pre-ground, or whole plant material
  • Takes the place of labor-intensive shucking or stripping of plants
  • Up to 3 tons per hour input material processing
  • Dust collection reduces losses of fine cannabinoids
  • Tractor hydraulic, or electric driven options
  • Adjustable speed and separation
  • Customizable screening sizes
FlowerTrack Flower and Stem Separation


  • The equipment described here is specifically designed, built, or spec’d by Formation Ag, Inc. All units are Patent Pending. No portion of the design, features, specifications, images, or logos may be used without Formation Agriculture’s specific written consent.

FlowerTrack Budgetary Pricing

System ModuleBudgetary Pricing [USD]
FlowerTrack 1236
Flower Separation
Rotogrind 1090+$34,575
Lower Conveyor
(Flower Removal)
Elevator Conveyor+$13,500
Dust Collection System
(Dust Collection Option 1)
Mobil Dust Collection System
(Dust Collection Option 2)