FiberTrack 660

The FiberTrack 660 is a six-roll mechanical decortication machine. It is offered as a stand-alone hand fed unit, or is combined with additional, post decortication modules, offered by Formation Ag.

Formation Ag Hemp Processing Equipment

Auxiliary Modules

The FiberTrack 660 is modular and allows for the addition or expansion of in-feed, out-feed, secondary cleaning, refinement, and packaging equipment.

Infeed and Conveyors

  • Easier and safer than manual feeding of the unit
  • More control over infeed uniformity
  • Round Bale Infeed
  • Drastically increased throughput
  • Accepts round bales up to 72 inches in diameter and 66 inches wide
  • Automatic, consistent metered feeding of material
  • Easier loading of material

    Shaker Table

    • Removes loose and entangled hurd from fiber
    • Increases secondary cleaning efficiency
    • Vertical motion provides fast and efficient separation
    • Hurd Outfeed Conveyor
    • Transfers hurd from under the FiberTrack 660, and the shaker table (if included)
    • 12 inch wide
    • Different sizes available for collection into tote, super sack, or auxiliary equipment

    Secondary Hurd Cleaner

    • Removes additional fiber
    • Separates fibers still connected at plant nodes

    GCS Screen Cleaner

    • Sizes hurd output into three custom sized outputs
    • Removes additional dust when combined with dust collection

    Super Sack Tote Semi-Auto Filler / Printer

    • Semi-automated filling of super sacks
    • Weight control
    • Custom labeling

      Fiber Conveyor

      • Transfers fiber from the FiberTrack 660 or shaker table (if included)
      • 60 inch wide
      • Different sizes available for collection into tote, super sack, or auxiliary equipment

      Secondary Fiber Cleaner

      • Removes additional hurd still entangled within fibers
      • Further opens fiber for easier processing
      • Can add units in series for additional cleaning and processing

        Fiber Bailer

        • Re-bale fiber for easier storage and transport
        • Allows for more dense storage of fibers

        FiberTrack 660 Budgetary Pricing

        The prices listed below are estimations. Please contact your sales representative for actual pricing for your project.

        Main Unit
        - FiberTrack 660$226,470
        - Bale Unwind and Infeed$76,109
        - Shaker Table$47,364
        - Control Panel$68,052
        - CE StampedTBD
        Hurd Collection, Cleaning, and Sizing
        - Primary Hurd Cleaner$67,925
        - GCS 400 Air Screen Cleaner w/ Dust Collection$41,800
        - GCS 800 Air Screen Cleaner w/o Dust Collection$41,800
        - GCS 800 Air Screen Cleaner w/ Dust Collection$59,400
        - Super Sack Tote Semi-Automatic Filler and Printer$64,036
        Fiber Cleaning and Collection
        - Fiber Cleaning Unit*$68,145
        - Fiber Bale Unit$142,890
        Dust Refinement and Containment System
        - Dust Vacuum System$108,130
        Hammer Mill Options
        - Single Stage Hammer Mill$16,500
        - Dual Stage Hammer Mill$225, 840
        Transfer Conveyors
        - Conveyors**$15,345
        On-Site Installation and Training
        - On-Site Installation (Actual price determined by costs of travel and lodging at site)$2,250
        - On-Site Training and Check Out (Two Technicians)$12,500
        - International On-Site Training and Check Out$15,500


        *Up to three fiber cleaners may be required for complete cleaning depending on infeed material and desired product

        **Multiple conveyors are required for a full system.