Myth #8: “Food safety isn’t a big deal”

Consumable Products Always Should Follow Food Safety

Just because the FDA doesn’t have much regulation on hemp – yet – doesn’t mean that growers and processors are exempt from following quality and food-safe procedures. This is a serious ethical consideration when producing a product that is intended for human consumption. Furthermore, in this day of hyper-sanitary food supply chain expectations, the liability exposure for an unsanitary handler or processor is high.

We have already seen cases of CBD oils containing high amounts of heavy metals, molds, or other unsafe materials. Protect yourself and your brand by following good food safety practices. Deliver a high quality, safe product.

Equipment to Help Clean Product

Formation Ag offers a variety of post harvesting equipment options to help clean harvested material and ensure your delivery of high quality products. Check out options for Grain Cleaners and Screen Cleaners to remove unwanted seed, or to collect only good seed, or the FlowerTrack product line to help shuck and clean out stalk.