Well, maybe according to the seed (or even clone) supplier they do. But let’s look at facts. The hemp industry is brand new, and growing at a rate that equals or exceeds current seed genetic refinement and production. Plant breeding takes several years before genetic variation is bred out and consistency becomes the norm. Those years haven’t passed yet.  

Many breeders are working to develop quality breeds of hemp plants, but it is unlikely that many have developed special plants that are superior to other breeds, regardless of the claims. Use caution when working with any business person, check their claims, and read contracts carefully to mitigate or avoid risks. Generally, if a breeder or seed supplier is claiming outstanding CBD levels in their plants, grower/buyers should take care to ensure that the claims are substantiated with data. 

Do your due diligence like any good manager or business person. Ask for third party test data, certifications, and other independent documentation from your seed seller. Double check the data supplied against your local and state regulations. 

The hemp industry lacks consistent regulation and oversight, and with that comes increased risk of faulty or fraudulent business practices. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.